Bachelor Party Stag Party gift – Snorting Kit Set

Looking for a perfect gift for your mates Stag Party (Bachelor Party to those of you in the US or even ‘Bucks Party’ to those of you in Australia)?

Look no further than a Snorting Gift Set. An ideal and unique present. These are highly useful and special tools for a special night out. A present for someone who has everything.

Stag Party Carbon Fibre Snorting Kit

Stag party gifts like the Carbon Fibre Snorting Kit can be enjoyed during the party itself. A snuff snorting set like this is an ideal and unique gift. Your friend the groom will love using his Stag party gift and will keep it forever. Carbon Fibre is stronger than steel and highly durable. This set is also easy to use and carry around. It will fit inside almost any wallet and is very light. The set has a high quality look and feel. The groom will be very impressed by your excellent and meaningful gift!

Stag Party Carbon Fibre Snorting Kit

Metal Snuff Snorting Kit

The Metal Snuff Snorting Kit is a metal box like a old school cigarette case but inside contains all the needed tools for a snorting session or Stag Party. The inside of the silver metal box on one side contains a mirror. Other parts of the set are the Snuff Spoon, Razor, and Snorting Tube. These can be used onto the mirror to line up and snort your powder or snuff. A discreet and handy set.

Silver Metal Snuff Snorting Box

Leather Pouch Sniffing Kit

The alternative to a metal case for a stag party snuff kit is a old world looking leather pouch snuff kit. This type of kit has all the tools of a traditional set including a snuff bottle for storage. The snuff bottle also has it’s own folding spoon so it can be used independently of the set if needed. The Leather or Suede wallet look discreet and fit in most pockets. Large enough to sit nicely in a jacket pocket and feel comfortable. A great gift for your best mate!

Leather Snorting Kit with all the tools

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