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  • Expensive Snuff Kit

    Expensive Snuff Kit can be found online or in specialist shops. Expensive looking snuff kits make great presents for friends and relatives. A deliciously stylish snuff kit can impress friends and strangers alike. For example a expensive looking sniffing tube is not absolutely necessary for snorting it does look and feel very good. Using a …

  • Snuff Kit Discreet buy online

    Snuff Kit Discreet is a quality often looked for in Snuff Kits. A discreet snuff kit will ideally not be easily recognisable. The idea being no one can tell it’s a snuff kit. It often pays to not attract attention when using a snuff kit. It may be that you don’t want friends or family …

  • Snuff Bullet Snorter Kits

    Snuff Bullet Snorter Kits buy online Snuff Bullet Snorter Kits could refer to a complete Snuff kit with mirror, spoon, snorter, etc that also includes a Snuff Bullet. Or it could simply be a set of Snuff Bullets or simply one Bullet on it’s own. You can read find out selection of snuff kits here. …



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