Expensive Snuff Kit

Expensive Snuff Kit can be found online or in specialist shops. Expensive looking snuff kits make great presents for friends and relatives. A deliciously stylish snuff kit can impress friends and strangers alike. For example a expensive looking sniffing tube is not absolutely necessary for snorting it does look and feel very good. Using a rolled up bank note seems cheap and nasty in comparison.

Expensive Snuff kit

An expensive snuff kit can be determined by the type and quality of it’s materials but also by it’s workmanship and design. A truly excellent snuff kit could be almost a work of art and therefore be not just a tool but a stylish accessory. The increase in demand for snuff and snuff kits means that some people are happy to spend more money on a  snuff kit. A Royal Crest or similar artistic design can potentially make a Snuff Kit look very expensive and even sophisticated.

New and modern Snuff Kits such as the Royal Box have in recent years been a more expensive piece of kit. The Royal Box is a secret drawer that resembles a cigarette box or makeup set. The drawer slides out to reveal grooves snuff. A tube is also concealed on the side which can be quickly flicked out with a nail to begin snorting.

Snuff Kit Materials

A highly valuable snuff kit might be made of Gold or Silver. The number of carrots or silver purity might take this even further. Adding some jewels into the box or perhaps on a snuff spoon handle add further luxury.Some new alternative materials a expensive snuff kit might be made of are Carbon Fibre and Crocodile Skin. High quality leather with excellent witching would make an very nice pouch for keeping your snuff tools.

I have seen snuff bullets made of titanium instead of a cheaper metal alloy. I have no idea of the feeling of snuff from a titanium metal but perhaps its similar to the moon landings. Snuff Boxes hand carved from wood attract a premium price. So do Snuff Spoons made from Ivory.

Carbon Fibre Snuff Kit
New materials such as Carbon Fibre make excellent Snuff Kits

Where to buy and Expensive Snuff Kit

You can buy Expensive Snuff Kits online or in speciality stores. There are few well known brands in this area but you can find our own Snow White Snuff Kits here.

There are not many speciality shops for snuff kits unfortunately. I recently paid a visit to a well known speciality snuff shop in Old Convent Garden Market, London called Segar and Snuff Parlour. The shop had a well stocked selection of pipes and snuff tobacco but no Snuff Kits to speak of. I asked the person working there and she said they refuse to sell Snuff Kits because they could be used for illegal drugs.


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