How should you carry around your snuff?

How to carry around your snuff?

When your going somewhere your going to want to take some of your snuff with you that goes without saying. But how do you make sure your snuff is not going to get lost and is going to be easy to carry. Snuff Bags, Snuff Wraps, Snuff Bullets and Snuff Bottles are the four most popular ways of carrying snuff. All have their good and bad points.

Snuff Wraps and Snuff Bags are flat and therefore easy to carry around. These being very lightweight and so thin you barely notice them in your pocket.

Snow Seals are a type of Snuff wrap
Snow Seals are a type of Snuff wrap

Snuff Bottles are usually made from a very strong glass or metal and rarely break even when sat on, but even a small bottle can feel bulky at times.

Snuff Bullets are usually made of metal and are both heavy and bulky.

But then the question is how to use your snuff easily?

A Snuff Wrap can be a little bit tricky as you need to unfold it without making any errors and your snuff will be exposed to fall or possibly a small gust of air might propel it away before your eyes. If you are in a safe environment for wraps such as a club bathroom then after you have unfolded your wrap it can be very easy to separate some for a little line and close the wrap afterwards. Snow Seals are a popular Snuff Wrap.

Snuff Bottles can be a better option for out and about situations since your snuff is relatively safe even after you have removed the lit, unless you somehow turn your wrist enough for some to fall out (checking a watch maybe?). If your snuff bottle has a spoon or spatula attached this can make the process a lot quicker and easier since you can use the spoon the snuff right out of the bottle.

Snuff Bottles to carry your Favourite Snuff

Snuff Bags are usually strong and extremely light. A problem you might find with a snuff bag is that you might find the zip lock difficult to open at the worst time. Using your fingers and thumbs to try and grab the two plastic tabs to pull the bag open can be taxing, especially when your intoxicated. There is always the chance of ripping the bag accidently. Or maybe the worst having the bag fall out of your pocket accidently when reaching for your wallet. Getting your snuff out of the Snuff Bag even when open can present its own problems. To successfully remove the right amount of snuff from the bag some sort of implement can be necessary. The best being a snuff spoon, ideally one with a pointed end to reach right into the corner when it’s starting to get empty. If you don’t have a snuff spoon then the end of a key can be substituted (hence the slang term key’n it).

Snuff Bullets are popular because of the possibility of using your snuff even in a crowd and not being seen. Snuff bullets are usually metal with a screw bottom and dispenser (a rotating cylinder inside to capture the snuff and deliver into the nose of the bullet ready to be snorted). The dispenser means a user can hold the bullet in the palm or clenched fist and snort the snuff out of the nose of the bullet. This process can be so fast and if done correctly an observer may catch no sight of the actual bullet. Snuff Bullets are great for secrecy and can be used almost anywhere.