How to use a Snuff Bullet?

Snuff Bullets are sometimes called Sniffing Rockets and come in different shapes and sizes. The material the Bullet is made from is usually metal or plastic. But new designs are starting to appear in glass and carbon fibre. However all are basically used in the same way, but this can take some getting used too as first.

Snuff Bullets rarely come with detailed instructions on how to use them. However it usually doesn’t take too long for the user to figure it out. But early mistakes can be avoided with some simple tips. I have written a guide below on how I use mine.

Snuff Bullets are small and discreet

How to Use a Snuff Bullet?

First your going to need to fill your Bullet or Sniffing Rocket. How you fill your Bullet depends on the Bullet type. Most of the metal Bullets have a part that unscrews from the bottom and you fill the empty chamber inside. Other Glass or Plastic ones have a screw on head. Having a filling funnel (sometimes included with the Bullet makes this easier).

When your Snuff Bullet is full your ready to try it. Almost all Snuff Bullets use a rotating dial (usually 3/4 way up the bullet) to capture the snuff and deliver it into the nose cone. The dial is the most important part of the Snuff Bullet this is because it’s what captures your snuff. The dial is a rotating chamber you can turn to move the snuff from the inside and into the nose cone. It is then ready to be sniffed. You can tell which way the rotating chamber usually because it has a pointed dial. 

The rotating chamber or ‘dial’ captures your snuff

The biggest mistakes you can make with the Snuff Bullet usually occur when the dial is facing the wrong way. For example having the dial facing up and the bullet pointed downwards could mean your sniff falling onto the floor below you (has been known the happen to me a few times when i’ve been drinking!). 

A Step by Step Guide on How to use a Snuff Bullet

  1. Turn the dial facing down (pointing towards the bottom of the bullet)
  2. Face the Bullet down towards the floor (so gravity makes your snuff enter the chamber of the dial)
  3. Turn the dial 90 degrees so it points to the side (this captures the snuff within the rotating chamber so it cannot escape)
  4. Point the Bullet up towards you ready to take your first sniff
  5. Finally turn the dial another 90 degrees so it now points upwards (the snuff should now in the rotating chamber facing upwards towards you)
  6. You can now safely sniff your snuff!
Glass Bottle Snuff Bullets with the dials facing in different directions.
Glass Bottle Snuff Bullets with the dials facing in different directions.

When not using the Bullet the dial should be pointing sideways or upwards (sideways best). This is because it’s possible for your sniff to escape through the air hole on the side of the Bullet if the dial is pointing downwards. This is the part of the design that confuses most people when they first start using it. Not having the dial pointing sideways when it’s in your pocket and your snuff leaking out. I have had many a long email exchange with customers who think their Snuff Bullet is broken or missing a screw (they think the air hole is a screw hole).

There are videos on YouTube demonstrating the Snuff Bullet which you might find helpful.



6 thoughts on “How to use a Snuff Bullet?

  1. Ray says:

    I’ve been practising with flour (lol can face testing on proper stuff), there’s a hole at the back, on the other side to the dial face. It constantly leaks through that, do you suggest taping over it or do you not have that problem?

    1. richsaint18 says:

      the dial need to be turned to the side when not using this means it won’t leak

  2. anthony says:

    How much “snuff” would you say is in a scoop when you flip it? .1g?? I got one of these off amazon and filled it up. Lets say my snuff is high quality. I did a bump from it and it felt like I did a big ass line. One scoop had me off to the races lol.

  3. Cliff says:

    Is it possible to lighten how much is loaded by not turning the dial completely or giving it a lighter tap each time?

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