Pocket Snorting boards

There is a new phenomenon appearing on the snorting accessories scene – the pocket snuff board.

Snuff plates and other moveable surfaces for snorting have been around forever. Any flat surface can be used for this purpose but there has always been a market for a purpose built snorting plate to enhance the users experience. You can find some of our * White snuff plates for sale here.

The Geeza Card

The first pocket snorting board appeared in 2019 with the Geeza card. This bank card sized surface (the front printed to fairly resemble a actual bank card) was embossed with two large grooves in the back. The grooves were the special feature of this pocket snorting rectangle. A user could neatly scrape his snuff or other party powders, into one of both of the grooves, before snorting away. The grooves helped to separate the snuff for sharing, and also give the user a better idea of how much he was actually sniffing. Unfortunately the Geeza card is no longer in production. But new innovative pocket snorting boards have started to appear in its place.

Geeza Card
The pocket snorting board the “Geeza Card”

OG Snuff card

New on the scene 2020 is OG Snuff. These guys have produced beautiful new types of sharing plates and pocket snorting boards. The OG snuff card is a innovative design using some of the best features of the Geeza card and combing it with a useful tool for sniffing. The strange but innovative shape of the card caught my eye immediately. The OG snuff card has two main uses – It’s a surface for snorting and it has a ‘spoon’ like end for reaching in and out of bags. I really like this as a board can become tricky to use in some circumstances and become useless. The addition of the spoon end makes this a sort of multi-tool. OG snuff is on to a winner here.

The OG Snuff Card is a multitool

The idea of the pocket snuff board is gaining traction. Perhaps new innovations in the area are forthcoming. For those people who prefer to have a proper line when out and about a pocket snuff board could be the answer. I must admit that using the back of a toilet seat is not ideal. A portable surface like Gramzys card or the OG snuff card could be the answer.

Royal Box Snuff kit

The Royal box is a kind of snorting board but with a classy element

Royal Box have been around a little while. They do have an attractive design for a pocket snorting kit. The hidden tray design has often caught my eye and it’s a elegant and secretive way to snort you stuff. I had one of these cheaper plastic Royal Box for a while but the tray soon got stuck and It became useless. I think it’s better to get one of the longer lasting aluminium ones. More expensive I know but the quality it there. I guess this is a kind of pocket snuff board and it serves a similar purpose. But this it more elegant and classy. There are some awesome looking designs to choose from.

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    I wana get a snif board for mates birthday it is the 2nd April will it come in time ? ?

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