Secret Stash Cigarette lighter

Secret Stash Cigarette lighter are a very popular way to hide illegal items. This is perhaps one of the more obvious and common way to secretly bring a item into a club or festival. Cigarette lighters are common enough not to be suspicious and are easily thrown away when no longer needed. As long as the stash lighter looks real enough it could be the perfect hiding place.

An ideal Secret Stash Cigarette lighter would be one that looks very real and functions as a lighter. There are three main areas that a Secret Stash Cigarette lighter needs to be fully effective:┬áThe first is the entrance to the secret compartment. This must not be easy to detect or open. If under suspicion even a good hiding place may not be good enough. The secret compartment must be not easy to see with the eye, and not easily opened.┬áThe second important part of a Secret Stash Cigarette lighter is the the lighter must spark like a real lighter – so to look genuine enough. The third part is the lighter must actually produce a flame. This third part is very rare in a Secret Stash Cigarette lighter, most have no gas or liquid to make a light. The sparking is easy; usually from a spark wheel like a clipper lighter. But the need for a decent size storage means no space for any flammable gas or liquid. Having all three of these is rare unfortunately.

Secret Stash lighters with good storage space.


Also known as a Diversion safe lighter on Amazon the Secret Stash Cigarette lighter is a popular item and there are a few variations. Some are more square type. Some are round. But the main differences are the concealment of the storage place and the size of the storage. All the stash lighters I have seen have the entry to the stash area in the bottom. This is a simple removable base of the lighter. To open you pull the bottom off. This is sometimes easy and sometimes is more tight and difficult to open. Tighter is probably better as you don’t want it to open at the wrong time. Ones that are a bit more clever have the gas hold at the bottom instead of a more plain base. This will hopefully make the lighter more convincing.

A Secret Stash Lighter with gas flame. Storage size is reduced.

Secret Stash lighters with gas or liquid inside are more rare and specialist. The idea is the stash lighter will be so convincing as real even if it’s tested to see if the flame is working. Most stash lighters spark but do not light (as no gas inside). So the addition of the lighter fuel makes the item less suspicious. The biggest problem of the stash lighter with the fuel inside is the sacrifice of storage space. Sometimes the storage space is so small only the tiniest items can be hidden inside.

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