Snuff Bottle with Spoon

Snuff Bottles with Spoon are great additions to your snuff accessory collection and are very useful. These types of bottles are popular with those people who want to use their snuff when out and about. Using a bottle to carry your ‘sniff’ is nothing new but the spoon attachment is a innovation that makes getting your stuff out of the bottle easily. These special snuff bottles come in many different types and sizes.

The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ telescopic Snuff Bottle with Spoon Inside

In the beginning of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street the character played by Matthew McConaughey uses a small bottle with the spoon inside the bottle. This Snuff Bottle with Spoon has two unique features: First the spoon is attached to the bottle cap on the inside. The spoon can then be used while holding the cap. This means the spoon is safely inside in the bottle when not in use. The Second great feature is the spoon is telescopic. You can extend the spoon slightly by pulling. This means you can easily reach the very bottle corners of the bottle.

Similar to the telescopic Snuff Bottle with Spoon is the Large Snuff Bottle with Fixed Spoon. This is about double the size of the telescopic Wolf of Wall Street bottle and the spoon inside is not telescopic, it does not extend. This has some disadvantage as this means the spoon cannot reach to the bottom of the bottle easily. The user has to tip the bottle 45 degrees or more to shift the snuff further up the bottle so it can be caught by the spoon. However the fixed spoon snuff bottles are stronger and easy to clean.

The Fixed Spoon Snuff Bottle is stronger and larger



Spoon on a chain Bottle

Some snuff bottles have a spoon attached to the outside of the lid by way of a short chain. The spoon is usually long enough to reach right to the bottom of the bottle and is used after unscrewing the lid leaving the chain and lid dangling off the spoon. This snuff bottle with spoon on a chain is a glass bottle with with a metal lid. It’s a elegant design and the chain seems to blend effortlessly with the metal domed lid. This item is small enough to fit in almost any pocket but the dangling chain could possibly break off if caught on something accidently. However this item does remain a favourite with many.

Snuff bottle with spoon on chain
Snuff bottle with spoon on chain


Folding Spoon Snuff Bottle

The most popular type of snuff bottle with spoon is the Snuff Bottle with Folding spoon. These are usually much smaller glass bottles that hold only 1-2 grams of snuff. The small bottle is popular as its easier to carry and conceal. The bottle is glass with a plastic lid. The spoon is part of the lid and folds down tightly next to the bottle on a hinge so it’s almost a part of the bottle. Unfolding the spoon by lifting it up and twisting off the lid the spoon is ready to reach into the bottle for a small dose of snuff. These Snuff Bottle with Folding spoon are cheap and disposable. It is possible to wash a re-use the bottle but many simply discard after use. They do come in a larger size but the small ones are easily the most popular.

Small Snuff Bottle with Folding Spoon


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