Snuff Bullet Snorter Kits

Snuff Bullet Snorter Kits buy online

Snuff Bullet Snorter Kits could refer to a complete Snuff kit with mirror, spoon, snorter, etc that also includes a Snuff Bullet. Or it could simply be a set of Snuff Bullets or simply one Bullet on it’s own. You can read find out selection of snuff kits here.

The best place to buy Snuff Bullet Snorter Kits is online as very few head shops sell them. See our own range of Snuff Bullets here.

Snuff Bullets are also referred to as Rockets or Tooters.


Snuff Bullet Snorter Kits

Snuff Bullet Types

Snuff Bullets can be made of Metal, Glass, or Plastic. Some posher Snuff Bullets have been reportedly made of Titanium. The type of Snuff Bullet you should buy depends on the individual but specifics such as the weight, size, material should be considered. A heavy bullet might make it difficult to carry in a shirt top pocket for example as the sag would be noticeable. Metal Bullets tend to be the most heavy.

Snuff Dispensers can come in a set of three or more. Some include a funnel to help fill the Bullet easily. Funnels can be very useful to avoid spillage as the storage section of the bullet can be narrow and difficult to fill. The bullets will a screw on head sometimes come with a special screw-on funnel attachment. This makes the filling process very easy.

Metal Snuff Bullets are also known as Snorting Rockets


Snuff Bullet Dispenser

How your bullet dispenses your snuff is important as some can be tricky to operate. The most common type is a rotating dial which captures a dose of snuff from the cylinder or bottle. You need to turn the dial and the bullet at the same time; so the dose now sits in the open nose of the bullet facing upwards. The Bullet is now ready for snorting. A skilled user can do this quickly and discreetly. However it is possible to get confused, especially when drinking alcohol, and accidentally spill stuff out of the bullet by accident. Other types of Bullet have no rotating cylinder but do have a mechanical opening nozzle. The nose chamber is opened by screwing the base left and right. This has it’s own problems as it’s impossible to measure a certain dose and you can end up sniffing way too much too quickly.

Glass bottle Snuff Bullet with Funnel Attachment


Rocket style Snuff Bullet

The most common metal type Snuff Bullet is also referred to as the Sniffing Rocket. It looks like a small rocket, tall and slim with a cone shaped head. There can be subtle differences in the shape of the tip of the nose cone. Some are pointy, some slightly rounded, and some with a cut-off flat nose. Snorting Rockets are possibly the most popular type of Snuff Bullet because they are strong and look very cool.

You can read our guide on using Snuff Bullets here.


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