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Snuff Kit Discreet is a quality often looked for in Snuff Kits. A discreet snuff kit will ideally not be easily recognisable. The idea being no one can tell it’s a snuff kit. It often pays to not attract attention when using a snuff kit. It may be that you don’t want friends or family to know your using snuff, but it may simply be not allowed in the bar/restaurant you are visiting. A discreet snuff kit will therefore not attract any unwanted attention and allow you to use your snuff without being seen.

Snuff Kit Discreet types

Snuff Boxes that look like something else. For example a snuff box that looks like a makeup mirror or business card holder. This keeps the identity of the kit secret.

Snuff kits that are able to be concealed in the palm of your hand. Examples of these are Snuff Bullets. These can be metal, glass, or plastic. A Snuff Bullet stores the snuff in the base of the bullet, usually by a removable screw on base. The bullet usually has a dial turn system with a capture chamber. By rotating the bullet and the chamber a dose of your snuff is caught in the nozzle. The user can then snort straight from the top of the bullet, usually concealed between the palm of the hand and fingers.

Size and Style of your Snuff Kit

Smaller is probably better for a secret snuff kit. A larger one might be better to use at home or a friendly place. Smaller might however mean limiting the amount of snuff that can be used easily. Or the kit can become fiddle when small and risk a embarrassing accident with no easy excuses.

Ease of use is in my opinion a priority. I personally prefer to use Snuff Bottles with folding spoon lids. These serve as two functions. The first is that they provide a small, secure container to carry your snuff or other powder. The second is the folding spoon means I can easily use the snuff when I need to. In some respects its the smallest possible Snuff Kit.

The modern looking Royal Box fits both the profile of being discreet but also very easy to use. The box itself looks something like a posh cigarette box and has a nice shiny black appearance; like it’s made Gucci. It’s very light and holds nicely in the palm of your hand.

The Royal Box has a secret drawer in the bottom which you can easily manoeuvre open with your index finger. The drawer opens in clicks, opening one section at a time so you cannot accidentally open more than one drawer section at a time. The secret drawer has grooved sections where your pre-prepared snuff is waiting for you. When each section of your snuff drawer is free to use you can snort it using the hidden straw. The hidden straw has it’s own side compartment and with only it’s head visible when slotted. Easy to remove by the flick of your thumbnail and quick in action to snort your lovely snuff.

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