Snuff kit Stone – Agate Marble stone with Mini Clever

Snuff kit Stone. The new Agate Marble Snuff kit with Mini Clever set. Cutting your favourite sniff on a mirror or a plate surface is ok but cutting on marble stone is another level. Checkout this new Agate stone chopping block with sharp mini clever – another level in sniffing.

Snuff kit stone – Agate stone marble chopping block

This Agate stone is a hard stone similar to marble and contains quartz. The advantages of this stone is it’s both hard and light. It is a perfect surface to chop your finite snuff with ease. Glass tables and plates are the most common used chopping surfaces for snuff and sniff. But why damage your furniture when you can use a proper stone chopping surface like Agate Stone.

Agate stone was popular in Ancient Greece for its interesting colour patterns and its light weight making it suitable for jewellery. The stone looks a bit like marble. Each Agate stone is unique, the coloured circles and waves within the stone add to the beauty of it. A price of agate stone looks great and is very hard so will not beak without significant force. This makes it perfect to use as a portable stone chopping block. Great to impress your friends and cut your gear fine. Enjoy!

Agate stone marble chopping block.


MINI CLEVER Snuff cutting tool

Snuff kit stone. The mini clever is more than just a novelty. The blade is sharp, almost as sharp as a razor, so cuts good. The main practical advantage is you can hold the little handle while cutting therefore a clearer line of sight is possible. Blades and cutting cards have no handle and are held from the top this is better to add pressure but it can means fingers and thumbs blocking your view. The mini clever aids in precision and cuts fine.

It’s true to say the mini snuff clever is a novelty. But it’s one that does the jobs it’s made for. It’s fun cutting your sniff in front of friends, watch as they awe at your cool cutting implement (perhaps wishing they had one and that their snuff would taste so much better if they did, the blade on the mini clever is sharper than most cutting cards so in some ways this might be true). Cutting your snuff using the mini clever is fun and smart. It’s a sharp blade and a good tool. A great gift for friends or a excellent addition to any collection.

The blade on the mini clever is good for chopping.

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