Snuff kit with Straw – NYSBERRY and ROYAL BOX

Snuff kit with Straw

Snuff kit with Straw is usually a pocket sized kit for using snuff or other powders. The size is important as it should be for carrying around. This differs from larger and more convenient (plate sized) snuff kits that are used in the home or perhaps at a indoor gathering.

A ‘snuff kit with a straw’ is usually a container for your snuff (like a box or similar) that also has a snorting tube like a straw for when you actually want to snort it. This type of set can also include a snuff spoon and a cutting tool, like a razor. How this Snuff box and Snuff Straw fit in with each other is a vital part of the design. The straw needs to be accessible easily and hopefully not get lost either. Some new designs have appeared on the market recently which are very exciting. The most recent is the Nysberry.

NYSBERRY snuff kit with straw

The Nysberry is a cool newly designed product for storing and carrying your snuff (or other powders) with a built in straw snorter. The design is very elegant and it functions as a snuff box and a dispenser. A storage area within the box can be filled with your favourite stuff. It locks tight so nothing can be lost when carrying in your pocket. Filling and dispensing your stuff can be confusing at first so Nysberry have provided a video demonstration on their website to show you how to use it. After it’s filled the sleek design means your ready to go.

The NYSBERRY is a snuff kit with a hidden straw. No snuff kit is complete without a decent snorting straw and the Nysberry has it’s own neat snorting tube hidden in the side of the kit. Releasing the straw requires a gentle sliding of the top of the kit to reveal the storage hole. The straw can then be removed by gravity when you turn the kit upside down for a moment. Some slight concentration is required to catch the straw as it neatly slides out. The whole experience becomes second nature after a few goes and is somewhat impressive for friends to behold. Five stars here for sleek design.


ROYAL Box Snuff kit with Straw

The Royal Box has become a symbol of a professional snuff user. The combined hidden tray and hidden snorting straw is simple enough to use and does not require another surface to operate. The neat sliding tray means you can prepare your stuff well in advance for use. Slowly pushing the under tray further and further out reveals more and more pre-prepared lines. Royal Box do have a variety of designs and price levels. It’s worth investing in the more expensive metal ones as the cheaper plastic version is slightly less smooth to use and can age quicker. The more expensive metal ones are a dream.

Royal Box snuff kit with Straw

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