Snuff Snorting Plates

Snuff Snorting Plates are not new but have only more recently started to appear in new and exciting styles. The kind of surface you choose to snort your favourite snuff or coke can make a big difference to your experience. A perfect surface can help you enjoy your snuff easier and quicker. Recently new types of snorting plates have become available to help you share and use your sniff correctly.


Carbon Fibre Cutting Plate

The Carbon Fibre Cutting plate is an innovation on the type of material used for Snuff Snorting Plates. Carbon Fibre is a super strong material that leaves no residue. This makes it ideal for cutting and snorting snuff and other powders. It also cleans easily. This type of plate also has the benefits of grooves and holes to store your snorting tools. Usually a hole to stand up your sniffing tube and a cut for the chopping card. Some have more than one hole for multiple snorting tubes. The additional tubes so others can share the plate hygienically without sharing the same tube. Unlike glass cutting plates this material will not damage easily. So no little scratches will start to appear all over your new snuff plate. Carbon Fibre weighs less than glass so it’s easier to pickup and hold if needed.

Snuff Snorting Plates than can hold your tools
Snuff Snorting Plates than can hold your tools


Glass Coke Plates

A Snuff Snorting Plate made of glass was popular in the 1970’s and 80’s. This kind of surface is great for cutting and snorting. The glass is usually clear glass or black. Black glass Snuff Plates do look cool and make it very easy to see your sniff. The glass coke plates are usually heavy which does add to the feel of the plate. You could argue a heavy plate will be less likely to be knocked or lifted accidentally and reduce the risk of accidental spillage. But the material glass can also break much more easily that metal or carbon fibre. One drop and your plate could be ruined as well as your coke! Some Glass Coke Plates have a felt back to reduce the possibility of damage to the plate and whatever the surface it’s resting on.

Black Glass Coke Plates from the 1970's and 80's.
Black Glass Coke Plates from the 1970’s and 80’s.


Mirror Snorting Plates

Mirror plates for cutting and sniffing are similar to glass plates but have a mirror effect (usually the mirror is a reflective sheet on the back of the glass plate). There is little difference to a glass plate except the that you can see your face in it. It’s largely a matter of preference but mirror snuff plates do tend to come in a variety of shapes. There is no special reason for this other than a round mirror for example is more pleasing to the eye than round glass. 

Mirror Snorting and cutting plates
Mirror Snorting and cutting plates

Mirror Snorting Plates in a Snuff Kit

You can buy a snuff snorting plate as part of a kit set. This is usually a smaller mirror which fits inside or comes out of a snuff set. Metal Snorting kits usually have the mirror stuck to the inside of the metal box. This can be better than having a separate mirror as part of the set but it depends largely on preference. The leather or suede wallet style snuff sets do usually have a small mirror which is used as a plate for snorting. The rest of the set tends to be a spoon, snorting tube, razor or chopper, and the wallet itself.

Suede Snuff Kit with separate mirror for snorting
Suede Snuff Kit with separate mirror for snorting

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