Snuff straws – BAMBOO snuffing tubes

Snuff straws come in all shapes and sizes and not just that – all types of materials too. The most common is of course the ‘rolled up bank note’. There is perhaps no limit on the variations on snuff straws that can be made, as long as they suck. Metal tubes are one of the most common. Some have bulb shaped heads to improve the suction at the nose end. They can be long and some are very short. This is personal preference of course. It depends on how much snuff you intend to use in one go, or simply can your lungs provide the amount of suction required for longer and longer snuff straws.


Bamboo has long been used in China even since ancient times. Bamboo is extremely durable and strong, and has other intrinsic natural properties. It could therefore come as no surprise that using Bamboo as a snuffing tube has some benefits. I have seen a few snuff tubes made from bamboo online and given them a test. They tend to be a bit longer and a bit wider than other snuff tubes. The longer the tube the more suction is required to use snuff and other powders. However bamboo had good aerodynamic properties so it doesn’t lose the power. These same bamboo tubes are sometimes used as drinking straws also (apparently also very good but i’m less concerned with that).



Bamboo Snuff Set

A Bamboo snuffing tube set consists of the Bamboo tubes (usually more than one), possibly longer or shorter depending on which you prefer. The inclusion of a cleaning brush in the set does make it possible to clean all the way down inside the bamboo sniffing tube but in my experience is most useful around the edges, where deposits can tend to stick. A crushing card or razor of some type might complete the set. A neat drawstring bag is what makes the set feel special although there have been calls for these to be kept in a harder compact case, I personally can see no benefit of the harder carry case but I guess it would work for some.

Bamboo Snuffing tubes with Crushing card


Crushing Cards and Razors

Crushing cards are not new exactly. The old fashioned credit card had been used for as long as they existed to smash and cut powders and other snuff. However branded special purpose crushing cards are becoming more of a thing. There is space in anyones collection I feel for a decent crushing card. The card would need to be glossy so nothing sticks to it ideally. Carbon fibre and other materials have been used for this purpose. A good crushing has a dual purpose. To crush the rocks into much smaller rocks. And then as a cutting card to make it fine.


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