Snuff Straws for Snorting

Snuff Straws are tubes used for snorting snuff or other powders. They can come in different shapes and sizes but are used in generally the same way. Snuff straws are a tool for delivering snuff up the nasal passage as efficiently and easily as possible. A good snuff straw will aid the user in delivering the right amount of snuff into the nose!

Snuff Straw Shapes

The Snuff Straw can be of a variety of different lengths and with a different heads and tails. Although any length is possible usually Snuff Straws are around 6-8cm long. The different features of straws tend to be the shapes of the head and the tail ends. The heads can be shaped in various ways to try and aid suction at the nasal entrance. For example the famous ‘mushroom head’ snorter has a very large mushroom shaped head to ensure that the nose entrance is completely airtight for the user.

The mushroom snuff tube keeps the nasal entrance airtight

The other end of the Snuff Straw is the tail end. The head of the straw is for the nasal entrance, so the tail is for picking up your snuff effectively. The two major tail types are the Butted End and the Slim End. The Butted End had an open boss end to suck up larger amounts of snuff. The Slim End (or thin end) tube is more targeted and sucks in a smaller area, but more efficiently, due to the concentration of the airflow. The choice of which to use really depends on the user. But some snuff or powder types might suit certain Snuff Straw tail ends better.

Snuff Straw with embossed end.

Snuff Straw Materials

Snuff straws are usually made of a chrome metal but can be made of many other materials. The most famous material for a Snuff Straw is of course the famous rolled up bank note. I have seen snorting Straws made from glass, metal, wood, and more recently carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is a new composite to use as a Snuff Straw and is very popular. The Carbon Fibre Snuff Straw is strong and durable but also have a great feel to it. The material is non-sticky, smooth, and somewhat aerodynamic.

carbon fibre snuff kit
Carbon Fibre Snuff Straw

Snuff Straw Kits

You can buy Snuff Straws individually but often they come as part of a kit. Most kits with a Snuff Straw are snuff kits with one straw as part of a set. A set usually includes a mirror, case, spoon, blade, and the straw. Usually the a straw is part of a set it’s a more simple straight straw with no distinguishing features. A simple thin snuff tube. Occasionally you can find a set with multiple Snuff Straws of different types such a the Bullet Snuff Kit.

The Bullet Snuff kit with Two types of Snuff Straw
The Bullet Snuff kit with Two types of Snuff Straw

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