Snuff Tray with Snuff Tools

Snuff tray with snuff tools is a new type of snuff kit. Traditionally a snuff kit is a wallet or box contenting all the tools necessary for personal snuff using. This is generally aimed at the individual snuff user. A set of tools just for one person and not aimed at sharing specifically. A Snuff tray with tools usually consists of a larger plate or tray big enough to be shared by two or more people. This type of set could possibly include more the one set of tools so to accommodate extra snuff users.

Snuff Tray with Snuff Tools

A snuff tray like made for sharing could include both gold and silver snuff tools. Snuff tools usually consist of ┬ásnorting tubes, cutters, and snuff spoons. A good snuff tray will be smooth and residue free. Size is usually important as you don’t want to quickly run out of space. A snuff tray can differ to a snuff plate in the sense that it it not purely flat – it has curved up edges for grip. This could be a important factor for sharing as easily pickup and holding could make the difference between a nasty spillage or not.

Gold or Silver snuff tools?


OG Snuff board

The OG snuff board is made from lasered acrylic. The board is nicely finished and is a neat piece of kit. The board comes with no tools but it does feature perfectly cut grooves to aid your sniffing experience. The board is light weight and a decent size. It’s good for sharing and the grooves make the sharing experience more ‘fair’ as everyone will be getting the same amount (each groove holds the same volume of sniff). There are also shallow round grooves for ‘bumps’. In my opinion the best part of the OG snuff board is the great colours they come in. The gold looks particularly snazzy. Get one of these to add to your Snuff Kit collection.

Gold OG snuff board


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