The pocket Sniff Board called the GEEZA CARD is here!

This new innovation called the ‘Geeza Card’ could be a game changer for those who prefer ‘lines’ to ‘toots’.

I came across a website especially aimed at types of sniffing boards called One product caught my eye instantly the ‘Geeza card’.

Geeza Card
Geeza Card

The name ‘Geeza Card’ was enough to make me take notice but the simple idea was captivating. Its a simple design that is useful and secret. It’s secret since the use of it is not obvious to those who don’t sniff, or have no understanding of sniffing products. The front does look like a credit card, unless closely inspected. It can fit in a wallet (it’s 4mm thick). The grooves on the back are not easy to see in the dark. The usefulness of the card comes from these grooves.

What are the grooves on the Geeza Card for?

The grooves are an idea that has been tested on other sniffing boards and plates. The grooves are to help measure a line of coke or other sniffing powder. When a person makes a ‘line’ of coke or anything else he or she is guessing measure. These grooves remove that guess. Since one full groove will have the same amount of coke as the other same size grooves.. This is especially helpful when sharing with friends. Everyone will get the same amount!

If you’re like me and you are happy to use your sniff in small amounts then the ‘Geeza Card’ will be less useful for you. I get by by using spoons and bottles and other similar tools. However some people much prefer to have ‘lines’ to get their fix. Lines are the traditional and most famous way of using coke. The problem is that a suitable surface for a line is not always available. This is where the Geeza card comes in useful.

When your out and about then the correct type of surface for a line of coke does not always present itself. I have been in bathrooms in clubs where the surfaces have been coated in a special sticky paint so any powder will stick to it easily and become useless. So now you have your Geeza Card you are prepared to make a line almost anywhere. You can hold the card level in one hand and fill the grooves as best possible with your gear. Another card can be used to level out the lines and scrape any spillage.

  • Use almost anywhere to prepare your stuff
  • Two grooves mean you can make lines of equal amount
  • Can fit in a wallet
  • Looks like bank card unless closely inspected
  • Very strong a durable

Are there any downsides to the Geeza Card?

If this were my product I would have made it slightly thinner, but i do understand it’s a trade off with thickness and strength. Also a thicker card is easier to hold without accidentally dropping or tipping. The Geeza Card does take some getting used to and slight forward planning is required as unless you have three hands you will be using one hand to hold the card and you have to do everything with the other hand, that means opening the bag, closing it, and somehow getting another card to level things out, and finally a tube or rolled note to make the sniff. Not impossible but tricky, especially when under pressure. You can of course put it down on a flat surface first but this is only possible if such a surface is available of course.

I love the Geeza card because it’s a much needed innovation. Its one of those things thats so handy if you need it. Also they make great gifts for friends. You can buy a Geeza card and other sniffing boards here at

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