Snuff Necklace with Spoon

Snuff Necklace with Spoon is usually a small spoon on a necklace. The spoon is usually dangling freely from the necklace so it can be used while around the neck. The necklace chains are usually much longer than a usual necklace (sometimes as long a 1 meter in length) so the user can freely use the spoon in any manner without difficulty. The benefits of spoons on a necklace are that the spoon is carried without having to use a pocket (and so it can’t fall out of the pocket and get lost) even while dancing in any manner.


Ibiza Spoons

Snuff Spoons on a Necklace are sometimes called Ibiza Spoons. Presumably the name comes from the famous party island of Ibiza. The island is known for it’s famous dance clubs. Revellers who are dancing all night can wear their Ibiza spoon necklace and use their snuff without having to stop dancing. Currently the most famous Ibiza Spoon is the Alice in Wonderland spoon. This is a typical Ibiza spoon in the sense that it’s worn on a necklace. What distinguishes the Alice in Wonderland Spoon is the crown motif at the tip of the spoon handle which is similar to the Alice in Wonderland tea sets.

Alice in Wonderland Snuff Spoon in three colours


Cruel Intentions Necklace

A secret stash necklace for snuff was made famous by the movie Cruel Intentions. In the film one of the characters has a secret drug habit and occasionally twists open the lower section of her very religious Christian cross pendant necklace to reveal a secret stash of white powder and a invisible snuff spoon for using it. A necklace with a hidden compartment not only looks cool but can be very useful. The hidden nature of the stash is not only cool but also makes it easier to by-pass suspecting doormen at nightclubs etc. The fact that the necklace could have religious significance may make the wearer appear even more innocent.

A Snuff Spoon Necklace similar to the one from the film Cruel Intentions


Stash Necklace

The alternative to a Snuff Necklace with Spoon is a stash necklace. A stash necklace is a pendant on a necklace that had a secret compartment. Usually a stash necklace is a cylinder about 1 inch long with the chain attached through a loop on the head. The head section is usually crewed onto the body in the same manner as a screw can bottle but strong enough that the body fo the pendant doesn’t fall off unexpectedly. A stash necklace has the advantage of more space since no spoon needs to be hidden inside also. However the stuff inside your stash necklace might need to be poured onto another surface to be used (a back of a hand is sometimes the only option in a busy environment).

Stash Necklace

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