Premium Snuff Boxes from OneGee and Royal Box

Premium snuff boxes are coming onto the market this year along with some more higher end snuff accessories such as the Snogo. I have been contacted many times in the past by buyers who want to purchase more upmarket snuff boxes and snuff kits but unfortunately there was not much available in this category. Premium versions of snuff boxes and snuff kits do make excellent gifts for others so it’s no surprise there is demand in this category. Recently some new players have appeared on the scene to fill this gap.

Premium Snuff Boxes

I was recently contacted by OneGee a snuff box company based in Switzerland. I was immediately impressed by the look of their premium snuff boxes. I had seen and tried similar sliding tray snuff boxes before such as the Royal Box. I had one of the cheaper Royal Boxes and found it very good but after a little while the sliding draw started to get stuck and it became useless. I guess it pays to get the higher quality pricier boxes in the long run.  There are more premium versions of the Royal Box now so I should give one of these a try soon. By the look of some of them they are worth the extra money.

Premium Snuff Boxes from Royal Box


The new snuff boxes from OneGee are similar to the ones sold by Royal Box with slightly varied designs on the tray, that is the inside of the box. The grooves in the tray and smaller and more numerous but work in very much the same way. Some of the more expensive versions of the OneGee snuff box have a secure latch to increase the secretiveness of the box and to stop the snorting straw from accidentally falling out. Both brands use mainly aluminium as the prime material for the box the main difference is in the colour and finish of the box. OneGee snuff boxes have an antibacterial surface which is good for cleaning and reduces wear.

The OneGee snuff box has smaller but more grooves


The Royal Box comes in a variation of patterns and textured casings but is essentially the same design throughout. Some of the wooden and snake skin covers do add a certain element of style to the boxes. The OneGee does have more variation in the layout of the sliding tray, with a different pattern of grooves on each type. Also the OneGee has the secure latch in it more expensive models. Which is best I can’t say at this time as I have not had a chance to test each of these side by side. But I hope to try these soon and update you.

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